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Lack of proper maintenance method Cheap Oakley Glasses life expectancy is shortened! Do you have to protect your Oakley sunglasses it? If the lens has stains, grease or fingerprints, can be used in special accessories soft cloth or special lens paper to remove dust or dirt on the lens. After cleaning, the lenses should be frequently cleaned with detergent. Do not remove the spots on the lens with fingernails. When there is gravel on the lens, rinse with water, then special glasses cloth or paper towel. The following breakdown of some small experience, I want to be useful:

Cheap oakley maintenance steps

When you wear glasses pick, please both hands grasp the temples, facing out off with one hand while wearing off cheap oakleys, likely to cause deformation, loose phenomenon. When not using the lens cleaning cloth, lens up and placed in a special bag, beware of lenses and frames to scratch hard objects. Frame or lens stained with dirt, sweat, grease, cosmetics and other warm water with a mild detergent to clean, dry with a soft cloth.

Prohibition of prolonged wet, soaked in water and placed in a fixed place by sun exposure; no longer put current, metal edge. Please fold the left foot mirror mirror when closed. Frames distorted, sagging, when re-use, can cause lens definition affected, dashing to the sales shop for free adjustment. Sheet sunglasses after a period of time may be slightly deformed, which is a normal phenomenon can be adjusted to the dealer to perform frame.

Fake Oakleys sensitive mirror of time, do not hold a place in direct sunlight, otherwise it will shorten the color effect of the use of time, but if a but Dreaming of long-term wear and gradually losing its polarizing effect will not change, if you could be assured use.

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When driving the sunglasses on the dashboard position is not correct, in hot weather, when the Oakley sunglasses litter in the car dashboard, Oakley sunglasses may be thermally deformed, especially plate frame sunglasses almost no anti- heat.

Oakley sunglasses holder in the head is not correct, so it is easy to pull bad hook. Carefully remove when you are not wearing glasses, folded when placed to glasses and mirror up. In order to save many people will not put glasses box glasses into the package or in the pocket, so it is easy to be scratched lenses that keys or other things comb edges,

Fake Oakleys Free Shipping

Fake Oakleys Free Shipping

If you are in a more dirty environment, you may have hard particles in your glasses.. In this case, it is not enough to wipe with cloth. So you might scrape the particles away. Instead, rinse under running water and use some liquid soap.. After washing, wipe gently with a soft cloth. Don’t put the sunglasses in a particularly hot environment, such as the dashboard of the car.. If it is plastic, it will bend lenses, or at least degrade its protective layer. How do you don’t like hard boxes, at least a soft box. Don’t put your glasses in your pocket.. Often to glasses shop adjust glasses. Remember, it will damage the temples and nose parts using glasses. Most of the glasses shop will provide free of charge, so when you go down, visit to enjoy this service.

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